The giant cat

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Sam was an extraordinary animal. He was the king of the streets, the other kitten were afraid of him. No one could approach him. Everybody was scared of his manners. He used to walk silently so the rest could not greet him or ask him a favor.  He didn't even had time for romance. He was thirteen and never met a female. The last time another cat saw him in good company was when he was sent to the vet. Sam was feeling very low after eating too many mouses fro Molly Peterson's house. Robert was fortunately there to notice that something was going wrong with his friendly pet.

Many years after, amazing Sam was still standing there on the front door watching the days go by. What could he do? He was only a furry animal, losing hair,  with determination and sensitivity.

—Stop! Get away of the chemney!— Robert would shout at Sam walking around the fireplace trying to desmitify the fire.

—Prrrrrrrr...— translated into our language Sam's response was something like 'I can survive to this little shit!'.

He was convinced that he could beat that natural element. He wanted to prove to the cat community that no one was invincible but him. The rest would have to bow every time they met him as a personal greeting for someone who deserved eternity.

But there was a lesson who missed when he attended the School of Cats. Cats only have seven lives. Sam was told another version of this animal myth in order to live his lives as he ought to. His parents Sam and Beli told him that he had every single day seven attempts to show to the community the best of him, showing all the things he was able to do. That was the method his parents invented to stay focused on what they told him to do. And that mantra became his way of life: Sam made their dream come true he overcome his handicap. He was a three legged cat.

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  1. Loved it. Best way to destroy a myth: believing one of our own...

    Thanks for this story

    1. Hi Elhuge! Of course, everything is impossible until one makes it possible! I will have a look at your blog too and add you to my Bloglovin' list.

      Thanks for your message!