The tree lies about your age

When I was a little girl I used to do many projects for school, but non touched me like planting a seed inside a glass jar cushioned with small little pieces of cotton. My teacher Glenda told us we would be like little gods bringing to life trees that in the future would be planted at the West Forest which suffered a huge fire four years ago.

At that time I thought only God and ladies could give birth. So you can imagine how I felt when I explained at home I was having  baby tree by myself. I was full of enthusiasm and craziness for something my parents couldn't understand: me a mother of an astonishing tree of the forest. After planting I remember to pray every day for my wise tree. I gave him the right amount of water, not too much and not too little. One week later my tree woke up and I was happy to see his fresh green leaves.

And many days and weeks passed and my baby was growing faster and faster. My parents thought it was a good idea to change his little house into a flowerpot in our garden, That used to be his place until the day our teacher Glenda told us the West Forest was waiting for him. She explained to the pupils the soil's quality was much better at this place and that we could see our baby trees whenever we wanted. The time to say goodbye arrived and I was bursting into tears, my tree was being taken away from me. My parents were sad about my feelings because I thought that it was the end, but fortunately it was only the very beginning of our close relationship. Transplanting was an excellent decision. He was in the middle of thousands and thousands of trees, that was what a forest suposed to be. Since then West Forest became the place where I celebrated my birthday parties and part of my wedding photographs were done embracing my tree.

Many times I explain this little story to my friends when we go to visit him and they always say 'hey the tree lies about your age' meaning I look younger compared to my strong and great fellow tree. I always think we have a special connection that comes from out of this world, I belive that until the end of my days we will only be one.

Inspirado en The three lies about your age de Sean Si

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