Take the path less travelled

The path less travelled, that's where nobody wants to go unless we know for sure (for certain) there's something great waiting for us on the other side.

You need to be brave, courageous and determined to do what nobody has done before. Do you have the guts to do it? Because I do! I accept my path will finish if I want it to, but what if I don't? What's waiting out there? Curiosity, experience and willingness are waiting for me, the perfect triangle so I can become the new me surrounded by knowledge and uncertainty at the same time. Because nobody said pioneers came back safe from their trip. I wish I  can be brave enough to put aside my pride and start learning from the very beginning like when I was a child.

Travelling is much more than when, where and how much: in my equation there are things like willingness, eagerness and relax  but also chaos, newbies and much more situations to overcome. Let's see what our path can show me, let's see what your path can teach me.

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